Variety: Gravitas Buys Stand-Up Comedy Documentary ‘Dying Laughing’

“Over two years, as the film began to emerge from the thousands of miles traveled and hundreds of hours or interviews, we learned about the physical and emotional dedication that it takes to become a stand-up comedian, and that the prospect of failure haunts even the most experienced and celebrated practitioners,” said Toogood and Stanton. “We hope that the audience will find the final piece as touching, thought-provoking, inspirational and as funny as we do.”

The duo also produced the film alongside producer Suli McCullough and co-producers Samantha Phillips and Daphne Wayans. Keith Haviland, Adam Longworth and John Thomson are the executive producers. FULL ARTICLE HERE

Women Fitness: Hollywood’s Relationship & Parenting Expert Daphne Wayans

Women Fitness’ Fifth Exclusive Interview on its 17th Anniversary: Hollywood’s Relationship Expert Daphne Wayans!

Daphne Wayans is the ex-wife of Hollywood mogul Keenen Ivory Wayans, with whom she has 5 kids and maintains a remarkably amicable relationship, Daphne has become a parenting and relationship expert who blogs regularly on the subject on “The Huffington Post.” She has also been featured on such shows as VH1’s “Hollywood Exes” and “Marrying The Game” for her insight and advice and is a producer of documentaries. Read FULL ARTICLE HERE

Essence: The Girlfriends Guide to a Natural Childbirth

Either you're all for a natural birth or you think that women who go that route are crazy. Really, why would any woman want to go through that much pain when they don't have to? Well, I was one such woman. In fact, my epidural was planned way before I was even thinking of actually getting pregnant. For me, pain has always been enemy. However, once I did get pregnant and discovered the benefits of giving birth naturally, I came around, and had two births sans medication. But it was a process, and it wouldn't have been achieved without the help of a few girlfriends. So if you're thinking of having a natural birth, or perhaps you're just a pinch curious, consider this your 'Girlfriends Guide To A Natural Childbirth' from women who have been there and done it!
On the first thing a woman should do...
Daphne Wayans (5 births; no medication): I'd look at the timeline history of childbirth techniques, notice when pain medication was introduced (early 1900's), and ask yourself, 'How did women have babies up until that point?' I'd urge you to look at the birthing techniques of other mammals."

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Apparl: Spotlight on Daphne Wayans

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of a very cool, very fly, Daphne Wayans. I found that she has a strong interest in fashion and had attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Irvine, California. Now, I am not afraid to admit that I’m no classically trained journalist. I am just the Founder of a tech startup with a background in Motorsport and Action Sports apparel, among other things. I’m normally answering the questions, not asking them. So, with that being said, I decided to have a friendly conversation amongst friends rather than a formal interview. On behalf of Apparl, I’d like to thank Daphne for being such a trooper on an early Saturday morning…

Daphne: Hey, P!

Panama: Hey Daphne aka D-Murda!

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